Let the warmth of the 12AX7 liberate you...

A.I.R Liberator uses the classic 12AX7 tube in its preamplifier circuitry. You can dial the preferred polar pattern from the external power supply and there are total of nine polar patterns to choose from. The classic vintage look adds the final touch to this time machine.

Use as the ultimate vocal microphone or capture the ambience of your room, you can't go wrong with this one!

A.I.R Liberator (in a wooden box) is packed in an aluminium briefcase with: power supply, shockmount, windshield and 10m 7 pin XLR cable.

Technical Specs

Mic Type:

Pickup pattern:

Frequency range:


Max SPL:

Condenser (1,07” capsule)

Cardroid, Omni & Figure of 8

20 - 20.000 Hz

10 mV/Pa

138 dB